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Arizona DUI Attorney

If one is driving in the state of Arizona and is arrested for a DUI charge, that person will need to contact an Arizona DUI attorney. DUI charges are not tolerated in Arizona. DUI fines, jail time, suspension of driver̢۪s license, and a criminal record for the rest of one̢۪s life are hard issues to face. Driver̢۪s do not want to even think of these issues and will not be able to fight the charges or get the charges reduced without the intervention of an Arizona DUI attorney. If a driver is stopped by an officer for possible intoxication, breath testing must show a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or more for a DUI arrest. If the person is driving a commercial vehicle and is pulled over for possible intoxication, their blood alcohol level has to be 0.4 percent or more for an arrest. An attorney will weigh heavily in your DUI case, with their knowledge and expertise in the court; this is the only way to fight a DUI charge.

Within the state of Arizona, DUI laws fluctuate depending on which county the DUI was issued in. It is best to contact an attorney in that county. An attorney will be able to fight for the rights of the driver and avoid or decrease the DUI charges by possibly converting jail time to probation time, and can possibly decrease fines. DUI laws change all the time and Arizona is not tolerant of DUI drivers. The most recent change in DUI laws took effect in 2008. A lay person would not know all of these changes. There is no longer any such thing in Arizona as a suspended license. Conviction for a first offense DUI means a 30 day jail time. This jail time increases depending if the person has prior DUI̢۪s on their record.

A DUI on any driver̢۪s record can affect every facet of their life including their ability to earn a living. They will have to have an attorney defend what rights they have and remove some of the stress of this charge. A DUI can be a life-changing issue. The only way that a driver charged with a DUI can decrease some of these ramifications is through the services of an attorney who is skilled and knowledgeable in the DUI laws. An Arizona DUI attorney will give the person a free consultation.