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Atlanta DUI Attorney

Having just one DUI on your record could affect your ability to be hired for certain types of transportation jobs and could have dire financial consequences. This kind of conviction could also require you to surrender your driving privileges. Therefore, you might need to hire an Atlanta DUI lawyer to defend your case.  

Here are five benefits of hiring an Atlanta DUI attorney:

    It increases chance of Atlanta DUI case dismissal. The type of experience and knowledge your attorney has affects the probability that this will happen. For instance, a defense attorney who used to work as a prosecutor can anticipate what strategy opposing counsel might use. Then, just like when one sports team analyzes the plays of the other team, your Atlanta DUI attorney will advocate for a dismissal on your behalf.

    It can prevent you from being wrongfully accused. A professional litigator knows how to determine whether or not evidence presented in court is circumstantial. For instance, it could be proven that a breathalyzer was defective or that a police officer did not have probable cause to stop your vehicle. Any other indicator of your innocence can be proven and prevent you unnecessary lifelong stress and heartache of being wrongfully accused.

    The lawyer can prepare you for court appearances. An Atlanta attorney can teach you how to answer difficult questions asked by the mediator, judge or cross-examining counsel. Your legal representative also can educate you on all your rights. For instance, you are innocent until proven guilty and have the right to remain silent. Your attorney will further explain how these and similar laws can be used to your advantage.

    The defender has strategies to negotiate lesser sentences. This especially is possible if it happens to be a first offense. You might have your fines reduced or perhaps receive probation time instead of an immediate jail sentence, for example. The length of time spent in jail or your ability to work even if charged also could change for the better. Any personal injury or manslaughter charges occurring because of an alleged hit and run could also be dropped if the litigator proves you were not responsible for a wrongful injury or death.

    This professional has extensive knowledge of Atlanta DUI offense levels. The legal professional representing you knows what to expect if convicted of a first, second, or third offense. Your Atlanta DUI attorney can see to it that you receive a sentence that is appropriate for your severity of crime committed.

A Bonus Advantage of Having a DUI Attorney

The right DUI lawyer in Atlanta is especially helpful if you are innocent but might be nervous in court and thus at a higher risk for unintentionally incriminating yourself. Being coached by a legal professional on what to day while still telling the truth under oath could prevent you from unnecessarily revealing information you otherwise can legally keep undisclosed.

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