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Benefits of Hiring a Denver DUI Attorney

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Benefits of Hiring a Denver DUI Attorney

Do you need a DUI attorney to represent your case in court? A private DUI attorney will have specialized and valuable experience with clients charged with a DUI. They will be familiar with the court system and the process. They will have knowledge pertaining to plea bargains and will understand the complexities of administration procedures. For repeat offenders, the appropriate legal representation can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Hiring a DUI attorney will only work in your favor.

Do I Really Need a DUI Attorney? 3 Big Ways a Denver DUI Attorney Can Help

1. An attorney who specializes with DUIs can significantly lower your chance of being convicted

In Martindale-Nolo Research 2015 DUI study, those that hired a private DUI attorney in comparison to those who had public defenders had better outcomes in court. It was found that 74% of respondents were convicted when they used a public defender or no lawyer at all. The percentage of those convicted who hired a DUI attorney dropped down to 65%.

2. Private DUI attorneys can get you better plea bargains

For 12% of those sentenced using a private attorney, the charges were dismissed or never filed and 1% of the respondents were acquitted preceding the trial. The remaining 22% plea bargained for lesser non-DUI offenses, such as impaired driving. For those who needed to plea bargain, the statistical outcomes were much better when they used a private attorney. Only 7% of those who hired public defenders could plea bargain for lesser offenses.

For those with public defenders, 15% of cases were dropped or never filed, while 4% got acquitted. This is likely due to less severe individual circumstances, making it more likely to get charges dismissed or to be acquitted after the trial.

3. DUI attorneys can get you the lowest possible sentence

Depending on the individual case circumstances, statistically speaking, privately hired DUI attorneys will be able to get your sentence reduced in exchange for a guilty plea. For those who are second-time or third-time offenders, this can reduce months or years in prison. This process is much smoother when you hire a professional that has specialized in DUI cases.

Hiring a Denver DUI Attorney

In deciding whether to hire a private attorney, the conditions of the case should be considered, such as the BAC at the time of the arrest and whether it is a first-time offense. Those who aren't first-time offenders or had a high BAC should leave no room to chance and hire the best DUI attorney possible. Find a DUI attorney that specializes in your state. They will know how to best represent you and get you the best outcome possible given your circumstances in the local court system.

Hiring an attorney who specializes in clients facing DUI charges can completely change the outcome of your case. If you'ÃÂÃÂre not willing to compromise a positive outcome, contact your Denver DUI attorney today.

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