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Boston Criminal Lawyer: Hardship License through a DUI Attorney

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Boston Criminal Lawyer: Hardship License through a DUI Attorney

If you've recently acquired a DUI, you may be wondering how you're going to get around. Though Boston does have a public transportation system, there are times when education, work, and simply taking care of your family may require the ability to drive. With a DUI attorney in Boston, you may be able to procure a hardship license -- which is also known as a Cinderella license. A hardship license will help you get through this time with minimal inconvenience.

It Will Depend On Your Driving History

If your DUI is your first, you should be able to get a hardship license. However, you will usually need to wait at least three months before getting one. If you've had a second DUI, you will need to wait for an entire year. If you've had a third DUI, you'll need to wait two years, and if you've had a fourth DUI, you'll have to wait five years. If this is your first offense, it may be relatively easy to get a hardship license -- but if you've had four DUIs, the process is going to be more  complex.

Documenting Your Hardship

In order to get a hardship license, you have to first prove that you have a hardship. This hardship has to impact either your education or your work. For instance, you may not be able to get to school or to your place of employment without driving. In order to properly document this, you should get a letter from a relevant party -- such as an educator or an employer. This documentation will be presented by your lawyer.

How a Hardship License Works

A hardship license is a restricted license. It's only available for 12 hours a day, though it is available all week long. So you will be ale to drive during that time period --  usually centered around your education or your work -- but you will not be allowed on the road otherwise. If you are caught on the road with a hardship license when you aren't supposed to be on the road, it will be treated as though you were on the road with a suspended license.

A hardship license isn't applicable to all cases, so you'll need to contact a lawyer to find out more. A DUI lawyer in Boston will be able to give you information about whether or not you'll be able to qualify and will begin to start the process immediately.

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