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Criminal DUI: Expert Salt Lake City DUI Attorney

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Criminal DUI: Expert Salt Lake City DUI Attorney

A DUI arrest in the State of Utah carries significant penalties, so before drivers get behind the wheel of a vehicle they should learn the significant legal risks posed from a DUI arrest.  Indeed, the state employs a two-tier formula including driving while under the influence, and while driving over the limit with a blood alcohol level of more than .08%, and the goal is to ensure that they secure a DUI conviction.  As such, it is critical that defendants seek out a DUI attorney in Salt Lake City residents can rely on should they or a loved one find themselves in the embarrassing position of being arrested for a DUI.   

Criminal DUI Penalties

If convicted of a DUI offense in the Beehive State, Utah drivers can expect stiff fines and penalties.  That is why it is so critical to have a DUI attorney in Salt Lake City residents trust to help fight the charges.  Criminal penalties outlined under the state's revised statutes include:

    Fines and court costs
    Jail time
    Suspension of driver's license
    Impounded vehicle fees
    Community service
    Ignition interlock device and associated fees

Based on the courts discretion, and a close appraisal of your criminal record, these fines and penalties can be increased or decreased.  It helps o have talented legal representation by your side to lay out your best possible case before the judge.

Administrative Per-Se Penalties

A driver convicted of a DUI will certainly expect to spend a night in jail, loss of their driving privileges for a predetermined amount of time, and a host of criminal penalties arising from their decision to get behind the wheel with impaired driving skills.  They don'ÂÂt often understand the severity associated with civil penalties however, known as ÂÂPer-Se Penalties, which are administered by the state'ÂÂs Department of Public Safety'ÂÂs Driver License Division.  These penalties are separate and distinct from any punishments leveled by a criminal court judge, and their severity is influences by factors that include:

    Previous convictions
    Age of Driver
    Amount of alcohol in system

The law is particularly harsh on minors found with even trace amounts of alcohol in their system with administrative penalties heighten accordingly.  Discussing your case with a Salt Lake DUI lawyer, drivers can rely on is the first order of business in the event of a DUI arrest.

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