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Do I Need a DUI Attorney

Being charged with a DUI has numerous negative repercussions on an anyoneâs life, not only will your driving privileges be taken away along with higher car insurance rates, but may face imprisonment and be fined with extensive fees. On top of that, a criminal conviction might be imminent, leaving an ugly scar on your employment opportunities in the future. Thus, asking the question, âDo I need a DUI Attorney?â is crucial especially if you have a DUI.

State Penalties and Fines

Different states across the United States have different laws and regulations with regard to DUI cases, so itâs crucial for you to learn first what are the penalties and fines in the state where you live. If youâre tight on cash, then you need to think twice, considering the fact that hiring an attorney is not inexpensive. If itâs your first DUI, however, the assistance of a dui attorney will be valuable to you.

Your BAC Level

If you have a high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC level) at the time of your arrest, you might ask, âDo I need a DUI Attorney?â Before it was possible to do plea bargaining where a penalty can be reduced from DUI to reckless driving, but with all the 50 states passing âdrunk driving per seâ, a BAC level of 0.08 and above will seal your DUI conviction. Nevertheless, a DUI attorney may offer an advice that can affect the severity of your sentence, and even the possibility of a plea bargain, if there is a question on the accuracy of the BAC reading.

Aggravating Circumstances

In situations where youâve committed prior offenses such as â damaging of property, a revoked license, and other serious issues, âdo I need a DUI attorney?â you might wonder. Yes, on aggravated DUI cases, especially on circumstances where injury and death has resulted, seeking the help of a DUI attorney is significant before pleading guilty. A DUI attorney can help you avoid any possible enhanced sentence. Numerous states, however, have implemented compulsory sentence enhancements for several factors like that of the repeat offenders.

Having a DUI attorney has its apparent benefits- expertise with the court systems, knowledge of plea bargain, legal counsel, and assistance with getting your license back. Seeking legal advice is vital before pleading guilty on any DUI cases. Whether your conviction is certain or not, if finances are not a big deal, hiring an experienced DUI attorney will be worth it, with the reality that they know how to best represent your individual case in court.