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DUI / DWI Attorney Austin Texas

The advantage of hiring an attorney who specializes in DUI and DWI law is that these professionals understand the rules and consequences that follow from them. These consequences can be very serious and far reaching. Those convicted of a DUI or DWI may lose their license, face jail time, and be made to pay large fines.

The worst repercussion of a drunk driving conviction is the mark it can leave on your record which is likely to remain for many years- if not for life. It is not advisable to face drunk driving charges without legal representation. A skilled and reliable attorney specializing in DUI and DWI law can help you to understand your situation, find the best arguments for your case, and avoid the maze of overwhelming paperwork and formalities.

In recent years, many jurisdictions have been cracking down on DUI and DWI offenses, imposing stronger enforcement, and harsher sentences. Austin TX is no exception.

This is especially true for those with previous convictions. Even misdemeanor DUI and DWI convictions can have more serious and longer lasting effects on your freedom than some low-level felonies. Lengthy driver's license suspensions and mandatory jail time are just a start.

The Value of a DUI/DWI Specialist! Attorneys that practice DUI and DWI law regularly will be familiar with the applicable defenses, laws, the local prosecutors as well as the various options related to these cases in the jurisdiction where they practice. In addition to being acquainted with the laws and practices surrounding drunk driving cases, a DUI/DWI lawyer is likely to be familiar with the police officers, prosecutors, and judges who deal with these cases.

If the officer involved in the case has behaved improperly, failed to investigate thoroughly, conducted an illegal search, or was in any other way unprofessional at the time of arrest- a DUI/DWI attorney may be able to convince the judge to dismiss the case. Without proper representation, opportunities such as police misconduct are almost certain to escape your grasp. Also, a DUI attorney will be able to ask for alternative plea options that the average person is unlikely to know about.

Protect Your Freedom & Your Future! You wouldn't ask a dermatologist to perform eye surgery, and you wouldn't want a lawyer who does not specialize in drunk driving cases to represent you in a DUI or DWI case. Don't gamble with your freedom. Hire a qualified attorney with the right experience to protect you from a drunk driving conviction.

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