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DUI Attorney Colorado Springs

Driving under the influence is a serious charge that can result in consequences that include fines, loss of license, and even loss of freedom. Second, third, or higher offenses come with increasingly stringent sentences if a conviction occurs, which is one reason you should never face DUI charges alone. Working with a lawyer to form a strong defense can help protect your future career, freedom, and social life. Here are three other reasons seeking DUI attorney Colorado Springs assistance is important when facing drunk driving charges.

DUI Attorney Colorado Springs: Understanding the Court

Being charged with a DUI can be scary, especially if you don'Ât have previous knowledge of the criminal justice and court system in and around Colorado Springs. A lawyer who is familiar with the system can help you navigate it without making mistakes that cripple your case along the way. Some benefits of having a professional DUI attorney Colorado Springs professional in your corner include the ability to better negotiate with prosecutors, the ability to protect your rights during law enforcement and court proceedings, and the ability to understand and work through evidence proceedings.

Field Sobriety Tests Aren't Always Conclusive

When police stop a vehicle and suspect someone is driving under the influence, they might conduct field sobriety tests, such as having a person stand a certain way, walk a straight line, or repeat or recite information. Field sobriety tests aren'Ât always conclusive evidence of a DUI, though, since other conditions and situations can cause the same results as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs would cause. Medical conditions, for example, can cause balance issues that make it difficult for someone to pass a field sobriety test. A lawyer can help you understand whether you have evidence or an argument that supports another cause for a field test failure.

Fighting BAC Levels

Another way law enforcement tests for drunk driving is by testing blood alcohol content levels. In Colorado, driving while ability impaired charges are possible if someone has a BAC level of .05 percent; DUI charges begin at .08 percent BAC. While BAC tests are compelling evidence, they are also not always the final say in a DUI case. A DUI attorney Colorado Springs legal professional can help you discover whether BAC tests were conducted correctly and whether chain of custody regarding evidence was followed. These are just two considerations that a lawyer might use to legally fight BAC evidence in a DUI case.

A DWI or DUI conviction can result in jail time, fines, and loss of license. Even a first offense can result in 60 days to one year in jail, depending on the exact charge, which is why legal assistance in building your defense case is important.

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