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Your driving across state lines to meet a few friends at the beach to have a fun beach party. Your job in making the party a success is to bring the beer as you are trying to find the best road to get to your destination. You weave down side bends and around blind curves as you believe you are on the right path. Only a few minutes from your destination, you hear sirens wail behind your car.

A police officer pulls you over. He asks for your information while giving the beer sitting on the passenger's seat the evil eye. The officer asks how much you have been drinking tonight as you try to reassure him that you haven't had any alcohol. But the officer doesn't buy your excuse as he asks you to get out of the car to take some sobriety tests. Although you think you passed the tests fine, the officer still has you take a breathalyzer test. After blowing into the tube, the officer places the cuffs on your wrists and explains that he is arresting you for DWI.
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Drinking and driving is considered driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses in all states. You will be stopped and arrested if an officer thinks you are driving erratically and if you fail the field tests and breathalyzer tests. After being arrested, you may spend time in jail before you are brought before a judge for a DWI hearing.

Many people simply plead guilty or try to defend themselves in front of the judge. If you believe the officer wrongly arrested you, you should seek out a DWI attorney. An attorney will examine all the facts about the case, including the field tests and road conditions, to properly defend your case in a court of law.

Prosecuting a DWI case can be hard since the officer may have enough evidence to sway

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