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El Cajon DUI Lawyer: Getting A Fair Trial For A DUI Charge

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El Cajon DUI Lawyer: Getting A Fair Trial For A DUI Charge

Depending on a number of factors, a DUI charge may or may not be a very serious offense. If this is your third DUI charge, for instance, it will most likely be tried as a felony. Depending on the specifics of the incident, you may be charged with a felony the first time out.

There have been instances of sober drivers charged with DUI and exonerated after further testing and investigation. That said, even if you don't feel that this is the case, a DUI attorney can help to ensure that your penalty is fair. It's not unheard of for a driver to be "made an example of" as a deterrent to other drivers, leading to punishment that simply does not fit the crime.

By finding an experienced DUI Attorney in El Cajon plays home to, you can lower your odds of being that driver that the courts choose to make an example of. Before you do anything, before you talk to anyone, if you're being charged with a DUI, a search for "DUI Attorney in El Cajon" conducted as soon as possible might be the difference between some community service and a few substance abuse meetings, or serious jail time.

The courts and the arresting officer may try to put the scare on you from the start. Don't be intimidated. You have rights, and with the right El Cajon DUI Attorney has a legal system that can allow for a fair trial, and, in the event that exoneration is off the table, administering an appropriate, reasonable penalty for a DUI offense. Even if you're certain that you're not going to be exonerated, that you're going to have to face some kind of punishment for your DUI charge, it needn't be unreasonable or excessive.

In other words, don't throw in the towel. With the right lawyer in your corner, someone who is experienced, skilled, and legitimately invested in your case, there's no reason to give up hope and assume the worst. Exoneration is possible in many DUI cases, and short of that, while you might have the misfortune of dealing with a judge and the arresting officer may want to use you as an example to other would-be offenders, but the right attorney can ensure that they have no choice but to give you a fair trial.

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