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Facing DUI Charges: Local Pasadena DUI Attorney Will Help!

DUI convictions have become increasingly common in Pasadena in recent times. As common as they are, involvement in these charges can be extremely consequential and there has been a trend of making the DUI charges tougher than before. don't gamble with your freedom, get help from a Pasadena DUI Attorney who will help you fight your battles in court and ensure the best possible outcome. A Pasadena DUI Attorney will help you:

Avoid wrong conviction

Every equipment is prone to failure. With the help of a Pasadena DUI attorney, you will not become a victim of this circumstance. Some breathalyzers used by the traffic officers are faulty and wrongfully calibrated. This makes the results that led to your arrest unreliable and should be deemed invalid. Furthermore, if blood was drawn for testing, a proper chain of custody should be maintained. In circumstances where the chain is broken, possibilities contamination are extremely high. This makes the blood evidence inadmissible in court and is a strong ground for dismissing the case.

Keep your driver's license

In the instance of a DUI arrest in Pasadena, a license suspension is almost mandatory and automatic. Though the length varies on the extent of your charges, losing your license may inconvenience you greatly. For this reason, a Pasadena DUI Attorney is invaluable to help you argue why you should still hold onto your license until the verdict on your trial.

Avoid a permanent criminal record

A DUI arrest in Pasadena will get you involved in a criminal prosecution case. This leads to the possibility of a jail term, hefty fines or a probation. In the event one is found guilty, a permanent criminal record is an unavoidable income but with the help of a Pasadena DUI attorney, the record can be expunged after a short period of time. This leaves you clear of a criminal record that may ruin your good resume.

Put your mind at ease

The prosecution process is rigorous and time-consuming. A Pasadena DUI attorney will go to court on your behalf, allowing you to attend to your daily activities. This ensures you don't miss work or any other commitment. Their main aim is to fight for your rights as you go on with your day to day activities without the fear of missing a court session.

If you are involved in DUI charges, your freedom highly depends on winning the case. Even if you are found guilty, the attorney will help you get a minimum penalty. Don't fight your battle alone, consult an attorney and get help to fight for your rights.

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