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When you’re trying to find a DUI attorney, it’s important to know what to look for. You can’t simply call the first attorney you come across, whether it’s a listing online or a billboard on a major highway. You have to interview a few different attorneys to find out who is going to be best suited to providing you with the necessary representation.

Gather a few attorney phone numbers and call to set up a consultation with each of them. The better attorneys in the area are going to provide you with a free consultation – which means you are under no obligation to retain them as your attorney.

Once you have your appointments set up, take the time to create a list of questions to ask. Be sure to ask the same questions of each attorney. This will help you find a DUI attorney that is going to cater to your needs – not just provide you with basic representation.

Consider what questions you should be asking. You need to find out how long the DUI attorney has been practicing, how many cases they have won, what kinds of DUI cases they have represented in the past and what they think they can do in terms of your case. The last question may be the most important as you want to find out how aggressive they are going to be for your case.

A DUI attorney is going to ask you a lot about your case. You will need to be prepared to disclose everything about yourself to the attorney because this is the only way that you will ever be able to get out from some or all of your charges. If you don’t feel comfortable around your attorney, you may not be 100 percent honest – and this can be a problem.

It’s important to find a DUI attorney that you are comfortable with. This is why you need to meet with an attorney in person and not just rely on what they say on their website or over the phone. Talk to an attorney face to face to find out how the two of you interact and if you feel as though they are going to go out of their way to represent you and win your case for you.

A DUI is a very serious charge and it’s not something you can ignore. While you need to find a DUI attorney quickly, you also don’t want to rush in making a decision as it can cost you quite a bit. The goal of the attorney is going to try and have the charges dropped or reduced. If the attorney is unable to do this, you may be facing large fines, prison time and much more.

While you absolutely need an attorney who can navigate through the DUI laws near you, you can’t simply call the first one you find – not if you want to rest easily knowing that the charges aren’t going to ruin your life for the foreseeable future.

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