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Have you been arrested for DUI, DWI or any another driving-related offense in the Los Angeles area? If so, it is wise to contact a DUI attorney in the City of Angels immediately.
How a Los Angeles DUI attorney can help?

The consequences for being arrested for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offense can be quite substantial. The reality is that hiring a Los Angeles DUI attorney can make a huge difference as to the severity of your consequences. The penalties for being caught driving drunk range between:

  •     Losing your drivers license
  •     Hefty Fines
  •     Going to jail, etc.

The Responsibilities of a Los Angeles DUI Attorney

When searching for an attorney who specializes in DUI matters, focus upon the attorneyĂ‚™s skill, commitment and expertise. A seasoned DUI lawyer can help you:

  •     Reduce or maybe even eliminate jail time
  •     Avoid a trial by accepting a plea bargain
  •     Mitigate your DUI charge to a reduced offense, and/or
  •     Eradicate a revoked driverĂ‚™s license

It is important to note that DUI laws are vastly different from one state to another. Therefore, it is important that the DUI attorney you select has experience in the location that the offense took place.
How to Find a DUI Lawyer

Fortunately, there are many ways to research available attorneys in Los Angeles. Their names can be obtained through referrals, friends or online attorney referral systems. However, be certain that the DUI attorney you retains has the inside scoop on how DUIs are handled in Los Angeles.

The Questions To Ask A Los Angeles DUI Attorney

The list below details a few of the questions that should be asked of before hiring a DUI attorney.

  •     The percentage of their law practice that handles DWI/DUI cases?
  •     The number of DUI/DWI that the lawyer has defended?
  •     Are they familiar with California breathalyzer requirements?
  •     How are the legal fees calculated and when are they payable?

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer
If your DUI offense resulted in a death of another, there will be overwhelming psychological issues to contend with. This is a serious scenario and one where you should not go it alone.
The Take-Away

If charged with a DUI or DWI (or any other drunk driving charge) you need a knowledgeable and experience DUI attorney to help guide you through the confusing word of DUI.

You Need a Solid DUI Defense!

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