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Statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that 28 people lose their lives every day due to alcohol impaired driving. That's not all, alcohol related accidents cost the tax payers over $44 billion every year. This is why the courts are not lenient on DUI offenders. If you have been charged with a DUI, it is wise to consult with a St Louis DUI Attorney for the following reasons.

DUI Laws are Stringent

First-time offenders often downplay the impact of a DUI charge. However, the recent and stringent rules on DUI show that even a first-time offense can have far reaching consequences. Driver'Âs license suspension, steep fines and jail terms are some of the consequences of a DUI charge. In most states, a first-time offender can face 5 days in jail and a fine of up to $2, 500. This is indicative that the courts have tightened the laws on DUI. This further emphasizes the need to seek legal help.

A Lawyer Can Get You a Plea Bargain

One of the defenses in a DUI charge is a plea bargain. There are instances when the sobriety tests are inconclusive, or they were not carried out in a proper manner. This provides a window for the lawyer to negotiate for a plea bargain. This is a lesser sentence that may only require you to pay a fine. The lawyer can also negotiate for reckless driving if the DUI is a first offense or the alcohol level was .09 or 0.10 above the limit.

A Lawyer Can Negotiate for a Lesser Sentence

A plea bargain might still result in a long incarceration period. In such an instance, you need a lawyer to negotiate for a lesser sentence. Sentence bargaining is particularly important in aggravated DUI cases that may have resulted in death or injury. The St Louis DUI Attorney can craft a deal with the prosecutor if, for instance, you plead guilty for a second or third DUI offense. Knowing the plea sentence before you plead puts you in a better position.

DUI offenses have far reaching consequences. It is hard to get car insurance with a DUI charge. You may have to settle for higher premium rates. You may also lose your license, and this is inconveniencing. It is therefore in your best interest to give your case the best fighting chance. Statistics show that you can get a better outcome if you have good representation from a St Louis DUI Attorney.

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