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How Do I Select a DWI Attorney

If you have been arrested for a DWI, your next step needs to be hiring an attorney. Although you may have made a bad choice when you got behind the wheel of your car while intoxicated, you do not have to ruin your driving record. A knowledgeable professional who works on DWI cases regularly may be able to help you plea bargain or get your sentence reduced. When selecting a DWI Attorney, look for someone who has a good reputation, fits your budget, and listens to your side of the story.

Finding a DWI lawyer with a good reputation can be through word of mouth from friends or family, or searching the internet and looking for personal reviews. Although you might be tempted to hire your uncle Bob who practices probate law, choosing an attorney who knows all of the ins and outs of DWI law will be the better decision in the long run. States differ in the sentencing requirements for a DWI and understanding the law will help you make the best choices before you go into court.

Your budget will also affect finding the best DWI Attorney. If you don't have a lot of money, you may need to find a lawyer who is willing to work with a payment plan. You will probably have give a down payment and then pay a certain amount each week. Although hiring an attorney might be an added expense, it will be worth it if you can reduce your fine or get out of taking Drug and Alcohol classes. You will want to ask the lawyer what complications might arise that would increase the amount you will have to pay for representation.

Finally, when selecting a DWI Attorney find someone who really listens to you. If you believe the results of the blood alcohol test were incorrect or if the arresting officer did not follow procedure, a good attorney may be able to get the case thrown out or help you plea bargain to a lower charge. Sometimes a DWI can be reduced to reckless driving which not only saves you money on fines, it could also help your driving record. Being charged with a DWI can be an emotional time and knowing your attorney is listening and has your best interest in mind will make the experience a little better.

Selecting the right lawyer to represent your DWI case is important. If you can plea bargain to a lower charge or at least get your fines and jail time reduced, the expense of a DWI Attorney will be worth it. You will probably want to talk with at least two different attorneys before making a final choice. Think about the lawyer's reputation and how many cases he or she wins, think about the budget you have to work with, and consider whether your attorney listens to you and believes in your case.

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