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How Long Will My License Be Suspended

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How Long Will My License Be Suspended

How long will my license be suspended? The suspension last for 180 days. If there are continued violations the suspension can become permanent. Driving under the influence can cause your license to be suspended for six months this can be the results of a first conviction. This is only after the various fines you might be charges and possible jail time.

The answer differs from state to state, but there is a general rule. If a DUI is the reason for the suspension a license to drive is suspended for a period of five years. This penalty applies to habitual offenders. How long will my license be suspended? There is a one year time span before being allowed to apply for reinstatement of driving privileges. This request goes before a review group, but keep in mind this body revoked the license, so serious change must be demonstrated.

Some refuse to stop the drinking and driving so with a second violation within a five year period they hassle with losing their license for five years. This is a long time to have others drive you around. In a year you can seek a hardship license. How long will my license be suspended? If suspensions continue to occur you will find your license suspended forever.

Defensive driving classes and paying very expensive fines is the life of a continuous DUI offender. With a suspended license you do not have driving privileges in any state. If you get a DUI for a third time within the designated ten year period by the courts you are in for a ten year no Drivers license time. If you have not yet, had enough, the courts have more in store. A fourth DUI sends you to jail and revokes your license with no chance of ever getting them back.

Make no mistake a drivers license is one of the few things you will lose. There is no possible way to keep a job in jail or pay a mortgage. With an accumulation of fines and time dealing with the court system a DUI conviction will not be a simple thing. How can a DUI Attorney help me? Attorneys trained in law know the rules of the court, with laws constantly before them. If you get a DUI the charges are very serious, even more so if there is injury or the involvement of a minor’s safety. Penalties are no laughing matter; families are destroyed by irresponsible behavior and courts charge heavy penalties.