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How Much Will DUI Lawyers Charge

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How Much Will DUI Lawyers Charge

Receiving a DUI can result in a lot of difficulties for you both in the short term, and in the long term. The fact is, you are always going to end up losing money whether you hire a lawyer in order to fight it, or if you just pay the fines and deal with not having a driver's license for awhile. In just about any case though, it is always best to hire a DUI lawyer in order to try to get your charge dropped or at least lowered to something less serious.

DUI lawyers generally charge clients based on the amount of work that they feel it will take in order to argue the case. Hiring a lawyer to just talk to the state once or twice in order to reduce the penalties of a DUI will cost you less than using a lawyer to actually dispute that you were, in fact, driving under the influence. Cases where DUI lawyers will have to spend a lot of time gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, etc., are going to keep them from taking other cases, and you may be looking at several thousands of dollars if you end up winning.

The amount of work a lawyer already has will also play a part in how much they decide to charge you for taking on your DUI case. Well-known DUI lawyers who have a reputation for winning their clients' cases in a large city may charge well in excess of $5000 since they probably have plenty of clients already, and may want to limit the number of new ones they take on in order to maintain a high quality of satisfaction. You should expect to pay top dollar if you do hire a popular attorney, but it may end up being well worth the money if they can help you avoid a DUI conviction.

It may be possible to get a slightly better price for a DUI lawyer by only looking for attorneys or firms that specialize only in DUI or traffic law. For them, they already know what they will need to do in order to help their clients and they can offer a slightly lower rate since they probably do not deal with many legal matters outside of their expertise. It is possible to find a DUI lawyer who will meet with you at least once after an initial consultation for around $1500. At that price point, the lawyer representing you will build a case that should be done within one or two court hearings. You generally will not find a lawyer willing to go to a jury trial for DUI under $1500 since there is much more work involved, and possibly several different court dates. In almost any case however, the money you save from a reduced sentence will be much more than what you would spend on a lawyer, making it worthwhile to hire a DUI attorney to represent you in court.

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