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How to Find a DUI Lawyer

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How to Find a DUI Lawyer

One bad choice could affect your life for several years. If you have been arrested for a DUI, speaking with an attorney could save you money, time, and trouble. No matter what state you live in, if you are stopped for erratic driving or driving under the influence, you could face a hefty fine and even jail time. Before you go into court alone, consider how a DUI Lawyer can help.

First, an attorney can save you money. You may wonder how the expense of a lawyer will compare with the chance of representing yourself in court. If this is not your first offense, hiring a lawyer is a must. The money you will have to pay if the judge imposes the highest fine allowable will easily outweigh the cost of a lawyer. Attorneys who strictly work with DUI cases know the fine points of the law and how to work with the system to reduce your fine. Also, if you are required to attend Drug and Alcohol classes, the cost can be over $1000. Find a great attorney and you may be able to keep more money in your pocket.

Second, working with a DUI Lawyer can save you time. If you have to take time off work every time you are required to appear in court, this could become a costly project. Many attorney's will be able to represent you in court without you actually having to be there. Your lawyer may also be able to work a plea bargaining agreement to reduce your sentence or at least give you the least amount of jail time. If you have to quit your job or take a leave of absence to spend time in jail, this can cause a multitude of problems. Your lawyer may be able to work with the judge to allow you community service or weekend jail time so you can keep your job.

Third, a lawyer can save you trouble. Getting arrested for a DUI could be a life changing experience. If you have never been in trouble before and your blood alcohol level was barely over the legal limit, an attorney may be able to help reduce your charges to reckless driving instead of DUI. No one wants this type of charge on their record and finding a lawyer may be the best way to make sure it doesn't haunt you for years to come. Not only will a DUI affect your driving record, it will also affect your insurance premiums.

Finally, finding a DUI Lawyer will help you gain perspective on your situation and get on with your life. You can search online for an experienced lawyer or you may choose to ask for recommendations from friends or family. Any way you look at it, hiring a lawyer to help you through the messy process of legal and court jargon will be worth the peace of mind you gain by working with a professional.