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Is Jail Time Mandatory For Drunk Driving

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Is Jail Time Mandatory For Drunk Driving

There are stiff penalties and fines for driving intoxicated. Even in view of these stiff punishments, too many drivers continue driving intoxicated. States are trying to implement other strategies to decrease the number of people driving while under the influence.

States feel DUI laws should be tougher on convicted drunk drivers. An option that states have come up with is to put into law a mandatory minimum jail sentence. This law also affects first-time offenders. A driver charged with a DUI is in serious trouble and needs an attorney to help them keep out of jail.

Some states already have laws of this nature in place, and other states are seriously considering a change in their laws. Those already arrested and charged with DUI offense (s) and arrested should consult with their lawyer. This is no time for a convicted driver to represent himself or herself in a court of law or at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Depending upon the driver's circumstances, they could spend from one day to one year in jail, including first-time offenders. However, the judge in many states has the power to suspend this minimum jail sentence. The charged driver needs their attorney's assistance. Sometimes a jail sentence converts to community service, especially if the city or state is suffering from an overcrowded jail system.

In some circumstances, even the attorney cannot help the repeated convicted driver. Depending on how many driving drunk charges the driver has depends on the time they spend in jail. It will be nothing at all to see a person charged with a DUI to spend up to ten years in jail.

Lawmakers are pushing for judges in all states to put stricter penalties on a drunk driver. Under this new law, a 30-day jail sentence will be mandatory if the driver injured someone else. Their blood alcohol level would have to fall in the range of .04 percent to .08 percent.

In addition to the driver serving jail-time, the judge can put onto the convicted driver other penalty options. Probation, loss of license, high fines, behavior treatment programs, community service, in addition to jail.

Friends and family members, who have had relatives seriously injured or killed, by the actions of a drunk driver, have worked tirelessly to tighten up the laws, for those who insist on driving drunk. Reformed laws regarding drunk driving have been a long time coming, but the time has finally come, and the penalties for drunk driving are finally at the strict level they should be.

Of all, the most hated penalties for a person charged with drunk driving are jail time. States hope that these new laws will help drivers make the right decision and not drive after drinking.

First time drunken driving offenders, will have a rude awakening, if they feel they will never serve jail time. Especially if they did not have a high blood alcohol level, had no children with them and were not driving recklessly.

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