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Driving under the influence is considered a serious crime in St. Louis. It can result in jail time, major fines and a criminal record. Repeat offenders may spend multiple years in prison and pay penalties as high as $5,000. It's also possible to lose your driver's license for several years. Consequently, it makes sense to look for a Local St Louis DUI Attorney if you're accused of this crime. He or she will work to minimize these penalties.

Strong Defense

Unlike the average motorist, a skilled DUI lawyer knows the best defenses to use in various situations. These professionals understand how alcohol tests can be inaccurate. They might suggest potential causes of a false reading or seemingly intoxicated behavior. A Local St Louis DUI Attorney can sometimes prevent a conviction by arguing that the evidence is inconclusive. After all, the authorities must prove guilt rather than merely suspecting it or presenting circumstantial evidence.

Plea Bargains

Even when a defendant is guilty, a lawyer frequently finds ways to reduce the punishment. This is usually accomplished by pleading guilty to a lesser crime like reckless driving. The prosecutor is more likely to agree to this solution if it isn't possible to conclusively prove that a person was intoxicated and definitely had an illegal blood-alcohol level. A lawyer's presence also makes a prosecutor less willing to take a case to trial because the process of gaining a guilty verdict will be more time-consuming and difficult.

Best Option

Some people try to save money by defending themselves or using public defenders, but they frequently lose cash by paying higher fines. Public defenders are often overburdened with too many cases, and they're only an option for people with low incomes. Surveys have found that individuals who hire lawyers are convicted at lower rates than those who choose these alternatives. They're also more likely to avoid jail time by arranging successful plea bargains.

To sum it up, a lawyer has the time, expertise and experience needed to research your case and develop an effective defense. Even if you're guilty, he or she can work out a deal that expedites the process and reduces the penalty. This could mean you'll miss fewer days of work, stay out of prison and/or pay a smaller fine. To benefit from the legal knowledge of a skilled professional, contact a Local St Louis DUI Attorney today.

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