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Long Beach California DUI Attorney David Givot

Driving under the influence is a national problem, and millions of people are arrested, or charged with DUI each year. The laws in Long Beach California are steep, because law enforcement wants to send a message to drunk drivers on the highway. Not every driver charged with the crime is guilty. That is why talking with a Long Beach California DUI Attorney is the right decision to make, for anyone who is facing DUI charges.

The appearance of being intoxicated or the smell of alcohol on the breath is not enough to legally charge a driver with DUI in California. The driver must show signs of impairment that interferes with normal, and safe driving patterns.

Police Officers Looks for Signs not Facts

Often times people charged with drunk driving are stopped by police offers due to suspicion, which is not based on actual facts. Before police officers can charge a driver with intoxication, there are sure tell signs the officers must look for. It is only after the driver is stopped on suspicion, that the officers can actually administer a breath analyzer.

Some of these signs does not constitute driving under the influence, but could indicate an illness. The probability rating that a driver is drunk are listed between 30 to 65 percent accuracy, according to the Federal Government. A DUI lawyer knows every aspect of these ratings. For example:

    Turning or steering the vehicle with a wide radius (65%)
    Weaving in a serpentine manner within or outside the traveling lane (60%)
    Swerving erratically (55%)
    Tailgating or following another vehicle too closely (50%)
    Tires are traveling on the center lane marker (45%)
    Signaling a turn that is not consistent with driving actions (40%)
     Turning abruptly or illegally (35%)
    Driving with headlights off at night (30%)

Find a Lawyer who Knows the Law Surrounding DUI

According to California law, it is illegal for drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 to operate a motor vehicle on the highways of California. It is difficult for a persecuting attorney to prove that a driver was under the influence at the time of operating the vehicle, if the driver had a 0.08 or higher blood level, within three hours of driving and submitting to a chemical test.

A Long Beach California DUI Attorney or lawyer can challenge this presumption, based on article and section 34501.16. Drivers charged with driving under the influence, should consult an experienced Long Beach California DUI Attorney, before pleading guilty or admitting guilt to being intoxicated, or under the influence or drugs, alcohol or any other substance.

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