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New York DUI Attorney

If one is driving in New York and stopped for a possible DUI charge, it is a serious. It is imperative that the driver obtain a New York DUI attorney as soon as possible. It is only the New York DUI attorney who will know the New York State laws and be able to navigate the court system.

If one is stopped in New York for a possible DUI they will be asked to take one of four different tests to determine if they are in fact intoxicated. First offense drivers arrested for DUI in New York could be fined up to $500.00 and 12 months in jail if they refuse to be tested. If this is the drivers second offense a fine could be imposed up to $1,000 and 18 months in jail. In both cases their driver’s license can be suspended. If the driver has had more than one DUI in 10 years it will become a felony charge. With each occurrence of DUI the fines raise and so does the jail time of up to seven years. If the driver was involved in a vehicle accident and they were intoxicated the fines and jail time is steep if there was an injury or death. No matter if this is the first or third offense, their driver’s license will be suspended for up to and exceeding 12 months.

In New York the law has different levels of fines for different ages. If the driver is under the age of 21 and was arrested for a DUI, they will have to appear in court. Every adult must be 21 to drink alcohol. That person could end up with a six month suspension of their driver’s license and over a one hundred dollar fine.

One thing that the judge can order the driver to do is to have a device installed in their car. The way that this works is the device is connected to the ignition system of their car, and in order to start their car they must do a breath test or the car will not start. Drivers who are charged with a DUI do not always have their drivers licenses suspended, however the judge may order this device installed in their car. This is called a conditional license, and may be possible only with the assistance of a New York DUI attorney.