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You never thought it would happen to you. But one day, on your way home from having a few drinks with friends after work in Newport Beach, you hear that familiar siren and see the red and blue flashing lights in your rear-view mirror: you just got popped for driving under the influence, a DUI.

What now? Keep calm and contact a Newport Beach DUI attorney as soon as possible. By hiring a lawyer, your chances of a reduced punishment are greatly increased. Remember, it's extremely important that you never admit fault before speaking with a lawyer.

Here are the key benefits of hiring a Newport Beach DUI attorney:

1. Lawyers know the law: Hiring an expert DUI attorney is crucial because these lawyers are trained in the law and will know if its possible to get you off on a technicality. Maybe the police made a mistake during your arrest or violated your rights, the right attorney will know how to use this to you benefit, which can result in little or no jail time and reduced financial penalties. Even if this isn't your first DUI, a qualified attorney makes all the difference.

2. You can call anytime: When you're arrest for DUI, you're allowed to make one phone call and it better count. DUI attorneys take call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are willing to act on a moment's notice on your behalf. Using your one call on a friend or family member who may not be familiar with the law can be harmful to you case.

3. Everything is confidential: When you're speaking with a DUI attorney, every thing you say is protected by attorney-client privilege, meaning it can't be used against you in court -- even if you admit guilt. For this reason, it's imperative that you be completely honest with your attorney so that he can build the best case possible.

4. They know the system: A skilled DUI attorney will have better luck subpoenaing records and communicating with the police. They may also be able to strategically delay the case to better serve your needs.

If you're convicted, having an attorney on your side increases your chances of having that conviction expunged later down the road. This is a difficult task and a Newport Beach DUI attorney will know how to navigate the system on your behalf.

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