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There are a number of benefits to hiring an Redwood City California DUI attorney, especially for those who have been in trouble with the law before. Knowing how to plead, whether to take a plea bargain, and the ability to reduce the charges are all things that an experienced lawyer who specializes in DUI's will be able to do for you. If you are still on the fence as to whether an Redwood City California DUI attorney is worth the money or not, here are some advantages to hiring a lawyer for your case.

    Avoid suspension of your driver's license. If this is not your first DUI offense, there is a good chance your license could get suspended or revoked without a good lawyer on your side. Most people are not able to win a DMV hearing, so unless you plan on traveling by foot or bike, you should hire someone with experience in the DMV legal process.

    Can effectively defend against DUI-related charges. With evidence like a high blood alcohol level and the inability to pass a sobriety test, the chances of walking away free from the charges is not good. However, a highly experienced Redwood City California DUI attorney will be able identify possible weaknesses in the legal system in order to create a strong defense.

    Guidance on whether to plead guilty or not. In some cases, pleading guilty can actually provide a lesser sentence than pleading not guilty, especially when there is a stack of evidence against your innocence. A DUI lawyer will be able to guide you as to whether you should plead guilty or not guilty, resulting in no jail time, reduced charges, and the ability to keep your driving privileges.

    In-court relationships. The more relationships the lawyer has with other lawyers, judges, or other legal personnel, the more likely they will be able to effectively fight your case.

    Sentence bargaining. If the judge is unwilling to completely remove the charges and sentence, a good Redwood City California DUI attorney may be able to negotiate a lesser sentence. This is especially helpful if you are facing jail time.

Many people choose to defend themselves against DUI charges as a way to save money, but without an experienced attorney to defend you, the chances of receiving no sentence is low. A DUI defense attorney in Redwood City, California will be able to take the time to build a strong defense that will help you effectively fight your case and possibility get the charges dropped.

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