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Taking the right steps following a DUI charge in Sacramento is vital to ensure the outcome is in your best interest. While many subjects immediately admit guilt and take the charge without question, a DUI charge can be very costly in several ways:

It may affect your employment or prevent you from obtaining employment in certain fields;
It can be very expensive between fines and increased insurance rates following the charge;
It stays on your background permanently in most cases, which means any future charge is considered a second charge;
It can be embarrassing and affect your personal, professional, and social life;
And you can lose your license, which can make every day life challenging and put unnecessary burden on your family and friends.

If you have been charged with a DUI, do not speak with an officer until you have a Sacramento DUI Attorney present who can represent you appropriately. Refusing to be interviewed or interrogated without legal representation can prevent you from unknowingly incriminating yourself and improve your outcome.

When choosing a lawyer, ensure you've selected a lawyer who is experienced in DUI cases. There are several questions you can ask to ensure you've chosen the right Sacramento DUI Attorney:

    How would you defend my case?
    Do you focus on DUI cases or practice in other areas of law?
    What percentage of DUI cases do you win?
    What is the most likely outcome of my case?
    How much will representation cost and what percentage of that is due up front?

The best lawyer for your case has defended clients in similar situations with a positive outcome. However, a good attorney is also honest with you about the potential outcome. If a DUI Attorney tells you that the charge will never stick and doesn't prepare you for the possibility of losing the case, it's possible that he or she is not being completely honest with you.

Because Sacramento DUI Attorneys understand DUI law, they may be able to find a law or process that was not followed or a step that was missed by officers during your arrest. In these cases, charges are often dropped or subjects are found not guilty. He or she may also be able to lessen your sentence.

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