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Sherman Oaks Dui Attorney - Edward Shkolnikov

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Sherman Oaks Dui Attorney - Edward Shkolnikov

If you've been charged with driving while under the influence (DUI), it can be scary thinking about what comes next. Even if this is your first experience with the court system, you need someone with experience to represent your interests. The potential fines and penalties of such charges are just too great not to have the best defense possible.

Why you need a good DUI lawyer

1. Experience. A good lawyer spends years training to be the best in his or her field. You can't be expected to learn all there is to know to adequately defend yourself in a few short weeks, especially during this stressful time. You need a Sherman Oaks DUI attorney who knows the ins and outs of the local courtrooms.

2. Potential fines and penalties. The penalties for even a first DUI offense can include losing your driving privileges, paying a large fine and even spending time in jail. You need a skilled lawyer to help you get the least penalty possible.

3. Networking. A good lawyer knows who to talk to in the local court system to get things done. He or she has experience working with the local prosecutors' offices and the court personnel. Often DUI offenses can be settled without a jury trial, saving you money and the stress of a trial.

4. Looking out for your interests. There's a reason they call a lawyer an advocate. That's because a good attorney is looking out for your interests, not the court's. A DUI charge is a serious situation and you need someone in your corner that is working to get the best possible outcome for you. He or she may not be able to make the charges go away, but your attorney may be able to lessen the fine, get you driving privileges for work and even keep you out of jail.

If you're looking for a good Sherman Oaks DUI attorney, Edward Shkolnikov can help you. He has earned a reputation as one of the region's top DUI attorneys and knows his way around all of the local courthouses, including Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills, Torrance and LA Metropolitan. To schedule a free consultation, visit us at DUIAttorneys.com

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