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DUI and DWI charges have altered quite a bit over the past couple of decades.  It used to be that a charge like this was a minor thing unless someone happened to be injured because of it.  However, today, they are major offenses and as such, they have severe penalties and even jail time and the loss of your license.

If you happen to have been arrested for a DWI or DUI, you might be wondering if a St Louis DUI / DWI Attorney can really help you. You might even think that you will be better off representing yourself. You may wonder if any lawyer will be able to represent you as opposed to a true St Louis DUI / DWI attorney.  That being said, the very first thing that you need to do is to hire an attorney ÃÂand not just any type of attorney either.  You need a St Louis DUI / DWI attorney.  Only this type of attorney will have the knowledge and experience that will be required to mitigate how your case turns out.

The lawyer that you hire will be the only person who is standing between a harsh punishment and you. It may be that you didn'ÃÂt even commit a crime at all.  If you had only imbibed one or two drinks then you might be of the opinion that the court will be lenient, but that is simply not true. The court will always try to pursue the punishment that is the harshest.

A lawyer who is experienced with these types of cases will be able to keep the worst outcome from happening.  In fact, in some instances, they might be able to have the charges dismissed.  So, what is it that a lawyer can assist you in proving?  An attorney with experience will search for certain errors such as:

    Wrongful administration of a breathalyzer test
    Faulty calibration of the testing equipment
    Wrongful administration of a field sobriety test
    Wrongful or faulty administration of a chemical test
    Errors in the initial traffic stop
    The arrest procedure having errors

When it comes to choosing an attorney to represent you in this type of case, it is always a good thing to look for one who has a bit of experience.  Look for one who has tried quite a few cases and gotten acquittals or good outcomes in those cases.

Making the right choice here can allow you to remain out of jail and even keep your license.

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