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What is The Average DUI Punishment

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What is The Average DUI Punishment

Penalties for a DUI conviction are subject to state laws where the driver was arrested for driving under the influence. The consequences of a DUI conviction can be quite severe. A typical DUI punishment can include anything from suspension of your driver's license to a prison sentence.

What's the average DUI punishment where you live? These are some consequences you could face if arrested and convicted of driving under the influence:

Driver's license suspension: Some states punish a DUI conviction by suspending your driver's license for a fixed period of time. Typically, your driver's license is suspended for a year for the first offense. A second offense leads to a three year suspension. A third offense results in a five year suspension. Mandatory enrollment in a driving school class could also be a possibility. Continued offenses can result in permanent loss of driver's license or vehicle in some states.

Mandatory fines: A DUI conviction can put a huge dent in your wallet. Court imposed fines for DUI convictions can total thousands of dollars. This is in addition to other costs such as impoundment fees, insurance premiums, court costs, attorney's fees.

Vehicle ignition interlock installation: Some states will require ignition interlock devices to be installed after multiple DUI offenses. These devices will lock a driver's car from starting until they can pass a sobriety breath test.

Probation: As part of your DUI sentencing, you may be required by the court to meet weekly with a probation officer. The terms of your probation could include being assigned to perform community service.

Civil liability: DUI convictions can open the door for additional prosecution under civil laws. You can be held liable for everything from property damage to serious injuries if it is determined you are at fault.

Jail time: DUI offenders can receive a prison sentence if they seriously injured or killed another person while driving under the influence. Multiple DUI convictions also carry the possibility of prison terms.

Where you live can determine what's the average DUI punishment you will face. Some states will impose additional fines and jail time if the blood alcohol limit is severely exceeded, if a minor is present in the vehicle, or if injury, property damage or death results from a DUI-caused accident.

So what's the average DUI punishment? The answer is whatever it takes to deter drunk driving.