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Where Are the Best DUI Attorneys Found

The best DUI attorneys may actually be found almost anywhere these days. In decades past, before laws were as restraining on drunk drivers as they are today, most any attorney would handle a DUI. The accused was almost always found guilty, but the punishment was not nearly as catastrophic and life-changing as it is today. The most reliable attorneys for a DUI were found in the major cities where there was a heavy nightlife and the economy was lucrative enough for a lawyer to set up shop. However, it was rare that a DUI specialist would handle the case for his or her client. Too often, any attorney would step out of their field of speciality to handle a DUI case, and the results were usually devistating to the client.

Drinking and driving laws were not always as tough as they are today. In fact, before WW2, it wasn't even illegal to drink and drive. However, the highways had a higher body count in those days, and pressure was applied to politicians to do something about the roadside carnage. In the 1970s, the laws pertaining to DUIs began to become more strict, and with the formation of MAAD in 1980, the laws have become almost exponentially intolerant.

Once the anti-drinking-and-driving lobby tightened the nut on those who drove under the influence of alcohol, they turned their attention to the question of what constituted a drunk-driving offense. In general, the accepted tolerance was at about 0.15% nationwide. MAAD used political pressure to bring this level down to 0.10%, until they were able to further lower it to 0.08% where it currently rests. However, there is further pressure to bring drinking and driving down to a zero tolerance policy. This means that anybody with even one drink under their belt could be arrested for a DUI.

Some people think the anti-drink crusade is getting out of hand. Indeed, some of these seemingly Draconian pushes have seen the rise of a new breed of hot-shot lawyer, and that would be the DUI attorneys. Whereby in the past, a person arrested of drunk driving would hire a lawyer who would do little more than represent their client in court and then pat them on the back after the conviction, today's DUI lawyers are a new breed. They specialize in every intimate aspect and fragment of vehicle codes and drunk driving laws. In fact, the stricter the laws, the more attorneys for DUI arrests there are, and the higher the overturn-to-conviction ratio there is. Because a DUI conviction can alter one's life permanently, there is such a great need for these specialized lawyers that the original question is quite easy to answer: where are the best DUO attorneys found? In the phone book. In fact, the best lawyers may be found in the yellow pages under the DUI section. These are the specialists who have cut their teeth in courtroom battles against judges who either lack the knowledge to go toe-to-toe with them, or the will to fight these pit-bull-style attorneys.

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