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Why Do I Need a Chicago DUI Attorney

3 Ways a Chicago DUI Attorney Can Help You  

Right now, you'Âre feeling upset and overwhelmed. You were pulled over by the police, and now you'Âre facing DUI charges in a Chicago area court. The most important first step you can take now to help yourself is to find a Chicago DUI attorney.

Driving under the influence is a serious crime in the United States. If this isn'Ât your first DUI, or if it involves an accident or injuries, there's no question you will need a lawyer. But even if its your first offense, hiring an attorney who specializes in DUI cases can make all the difference in your experience with the legal system and final outcome.

Here are some of the ways a DUI lawyer can help you:

Managing Every Aspect of Your Case - Your DUI attorney will take care of all of the legal tasks that you don'Ât have the expertise or time to handle. These details may include filing motions, making phone calls, filling out legal paperwork, dealing with the DMV, and getting dash cam footage from the police. Your lawyer will make sure you meet all of the deadlines that are so important for resolving your case.

2. Guiding You Through the Court System. A Chicago DUI attorney will be very familiar with the unique rules and nuances of the court systems in the Chicago area. Your lawyer has built relationships with judges and prosecutors and will know how to negotiate with each one individually to work out the best deal for you.

3. Protecting Your Future - A DUI can affect many parts of your life. An experienced Chicago DUI attorney can help to reduce the impact of Illinois drunk driving penalties on your job and lifestyle. You might qualify for a plea bargain, reduced sentence or community service. Laws on drive'Âs license suspension for DUI are strict in Illinois, but your lawyer can fight to get you back behind the wheel. There may be a chance to have your DUI conviction expunged. In some cases, your attorney may even be able to get your charges dismissed. It'Âs much more likely that you can benefit from these and other opportunities with the guidance of a lawyer.

If you'Âre facing a DUI in the Chicago metropolitan area, don'Ât face it alone. Your future is too important to leave to chance. Many attorneys offer a free initial consultation. Contact a Chicago DUI attorney now and learn more about how they can help you.

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