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Why Do I Need a Riverside DUI Attorney

4 Ways a Riverside DUI Attorney Can Help You  

Anyone who has been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) knows how upsetting the experience can be. Suddenly, your future is uncertain, and you have to make important decisions that may affect you for years to come. If you are now facing a DUI charge in Riverside County, CA, you should know that you can make a big difference in your case by hiring an experienced Riverside DUI attorney to fight for you.

Here are 4 important ways a DUI attorney can help you:

Familiarity With the Local Court System. It's typical in Riverside County to be charged with two offenses ÂÂdriving under the influence, and driving with blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit. Your attorney can make use of his or her experience with the local courts to minimize these charges. Riverside County is tough on DUI: it is standard, even for first-time offenders, to get jail time. This makes it even more important to have an experienced Riverside DUI attorney who has formed relationships with prosecutors and judges, and can negotiate effectively on your behalf.

2. Finding Flaws in Police Work on Your Case. Sometimes, mistakes made by police can be serious enough to cause a case to be dismissed. A good DUI lawyer will look over all of the evidence, including blood, breathalyzer and field sobriety tests, and police reports, to see if everything was done properly. He or she can look in detail at your traffic stop and determine whether the police had probable cause under California law to pull you over, and a good enough reason to believe you were driving under the influence.

3. Appearing in Court for You and Handling Paperwork. Court appearances for a DUI can be embarrassing, and also a hardship, taking time away from work. A big benefit to hiring a Riverside DUI attorney is that often, they can appear in court and at the DMV on your behalf, allowing you to keep the rest of your life and obligations on track, and avoid the stress of appearing in court. Your lawyer will also make sure your case is meeting deadlines for filing motions and other paperwork, so that everything proceeds smoothly and to your advantage.

4. Reducing Charges and Sentences. There may be more opportunities than you think to minimize the effect of a DUI on your life. Your attorney can tell you what is realistic for your case. You may not need to plead guilty. Sometimes the lawyer can negotiate to get your DUI charge downgraded to reckless driving. Despite the mandatory jail requirement for DUI in Riverside, in most cases, the attorney can get you an alternative sentencing arrangement, such as community service, house arrest, residential treatment, alcohol or drug rehab, work furlough probation, or counseling.

Your attorney can provide all of the above and more. Hiring a Riverside DUI attorney will ensure that you'ÂÂre doing everything possible to get the best outcome in your case, so you can successfully move on with the rest of your life.

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