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Why Do I Need a Tampa DUI Attorney

DUI is a serious violation of the traffic and civil laws in Florida. Conviction of a DUI crime results into potential consequence such as suspension of your driving license, huge fines, imprisonment, or even in some unique cases, the jury can handle you the combination of all the above. When charged with a felony, a DUI carries much stiffer penalties than when charged as a misdemeanor. Apart from ruining your life, a DUI conviction can wreak havoc on your career path since no employer wants to be associated with an ex-con, and can be costly for you. For these reasons, it's vital to have a professional DUI Attorney to represent you during the court sessions.

Why you need a Tampa DUI Attorney - Expertise and Experience!

Expertise is the first key benefit of hiring a professional DUI attorney. During court representation, you want a person who is knowledgeable about the important legal rules, set standards and court customs and procedures. A Tampa DUI Attorney has in depth knowledge of how to handle a DUI prosecution.

Out of ignorance, most of the defendants are tricked in to using a family law attorney for the DUI cases. Yes, the family attorneys can draft pleadings, but they may not be aware or up to date with the latest requirements for blood draws, breath tests, sobriety check points or field sobriety tests. If an attorney has not specialized in current DUI laws, they may not be in a position to identify loop holes that may be used to dismiss your case or shorten the fine.

Sentence Bargaining
Taking a plea or going to trial are not the only available options in a DUI case. A professional DUI attorney will help you in making the right local options. For example, in the USA, if you agree to enroll in a specialized DUI diversion program, and complete the drug and alcohol rehab, the jury might consider Ă‚śawardingĂ‚ť you a reduced sentence or the dismissal of the case. A Tampa DUI Attorney is familiar with the local practices and may help you to make the right decision on how to handle your case.

Plea Bargaining
A Tampa DUI Attorney has the necessary negotiation skills to convince the jury for a lesser jail time and fewer fees to be paid to the victims. Also, depending on the local practices in your state, prosecutors can allow alternate charges such as obstruction of way in exchange for a higher penalty and counseling, but protect your criminal record and prevent the confiscation of your driver's license.

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