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Why is a DUI Attorney Important

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Why is a DUI Attorney Important

A driving under the influence (DUI) charge is a serious offense. If you are arrested and charged with a DUI, without a DUI attorney to represent you, the situation will most likely be handled incorrectly and it can damage your finances, your employment and your personal life.

Loop Holes

An attorney that specializes in DUI charges is experienced with handling this type of charge as well as the best way to represent you in court. In many situations an attorney may be able to get the charges reduced to a lesser charge or removed because of a violation that occurred during the police investigation. From the time you stopped for suspected of driving under the influence until the sentence is passed, there are a number of legal aspects involved with your case that require the knowledge of a DUI attorney to determine if everything was handled correctly. For example an attorney who specializes in DUI will look for loop holes such as:

Were you were read your rights at the time of arrest?
Were witnesses interviewed?
Determining if sobriety tests were correctly administered
Was the breathalyzer recently calibrated?
If all questions were asked of you in a correct manner
If there are any medical conditions that may have interfered with your test results

Driver's License

One of the most important reasons to contact a DUI attorney is following your arrest; you only have 7 days to contact the department of motor vehicles to schedule a hearing about the suspension of your driver's license. If you fail to request a hearing within seven days, you cannot challenge the suspension and will be unable to get your license back, sometimes even if you are not convicted of the DUI charge. An attorney can not only provide valuable advice about what to expect during the hearing, but can represent you during the hearing.

Field Sobriety Test

There are several things an attorney will verify before you go before the judge. For example he/she will ask you if you took a field sobriety test and if so, what did the test entail. A field sobriety test is done by the arresting officer as one ways to determine if you are intoxicated and to what level. The field sobriety test is subjective and can be prone to errors; in some cases they can incriminate a driver who is completely sober. In most situations an attorney will request the video from your arrest (if one was used) and question both you and the arresting officer about the circumstances of your field sobriety test.

Legal Stop

Another important question an attorney specializing in DUI will inquire about is the reasoning for you getting pulled over. When you are pulled over by the police, it must a legal stop. For example, a police officer cannot park in the parking lot of a club and arrest patrons as they leave, they must make a legal stop after you have attempted to drive the vehicle. Certain circumstances may not warrant an officer to pull you over. For example, if you went left to center to avoid hitting an animal, another vehicle or a pedestrian, but you were charged with going left to center as a result of DUI, it may place suspension on the reason for your arrest.

It is important that you contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible following your arrest. The sooner you contact your attorney, the quicker he/she will be able to begin working on your defense. It is also very important that you are completely honest with your attorney regarding your actions before, during and following the arrest.

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