DUI Lawyers

Have you been charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol? It’s a scary time and you might just want to pretend the whole thing never happened. However, before you face a judge, you need someone to fight for your rights. If you’re a plumber, you wouldn’t expect your lawyer to be able to fix your drains. Equally, if you’re a teacher, you wouldn’t expect to see your attorney in front of the class. You shouldn’t be expected to defend yourself in court; you don’t have the training.

Why you need a DUI lawyer

Anyone facing a DUI charge needs a lawyer. DUI lawyers have the courtroom experience and the contacts that can mean the difference between staying out of jail or spending time behind bars. Below are just a few reasons you need a DUI lawyer:

1. Training. Unless you’ve been to law school, you’re likely unfamiliar with the jargon and vocabulary involved in a court case, even a DUI case. DUI lawyers have been trained for this and also understand the courtroom procedure and steps to take in defending your case. When you are facing jail is a bad time to be learning a new skill.

2. Experience. A good DUI lawyer has the experience to know where to look for ways to lessen the penalties in your case or even have the case thrown out of court. Perhaps the arresting officer in your case didn’t follow the proper procedures. Perhaps evidence was compromised in your case. A good lawyer knows where to look and what to look for.

3. Contacts. In most court cases, a lot happens before you even see a courtroom. Deals are discussed. Favors are called in. A good DUI lawyer knows the people in your county or city’s court system that can make things happen. Someone outside of the court system, like you, won’t even know where to begin.

4. Consequences. The consequences of a DUI charge are nothing to ignore. Even a first offense can mean a few days in jail and a large fine. That’s not to mention the consequences such an offense might have with your job. If you drive a company car or drive a delivery vehicle for a living, you’re job might be in danger with a DUI conviction. If this is a second or third offense, the consequences and fines are even greater. You need someone in the courtroom that has your back and knows the right things to do and say to minimize the consequences of the DUI offense.

Going it alone in the courtroom with a DUI offense is rarely, if ever, a smart course of action. Most people don’t have the training or the contacts to adequately defend themselves against such a charge. Even if you’ve been to law school, you’re likely too emotionally evolved in your own case to provide an unbiased defense. The best course of action, and one that will often save you money in the long run, is to hire a good DUI lawyer to plead your case.

A Dui Lawyer Will Be Able To Provide You With Expert Representation.

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