Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help me Keep My License

If you’ve had to deal with having your license suspended or threatened from a dui drunk driving, you will want to consult with a criminal defense attorney. This lawyer will know the ins and outs of the law and specializes in knowing how he or she can help you keep your license. But what will a lawyer do for you?

  1. A criminal defense attorney will speak on your behalf to law enforcement officers, officials, and police. This will help keep your best interests at heart and will prevent mix ups or broken laws that could result in punishment.
  2. A criminal defense attorney will make sure that all freedoms you should have are provided to you. If your driving has put your license at risk, for example, a criminal defense attorney will work with other legal officials to help you keep it on a restricted charge or get the suspension dropped.
  3. This attorney will talk to you about what you need to do. This could include how you need to communicate with coworkers, your boss, your family, or your friends. It’s important to consult this lawyer because he or she will know the best things you can do to uphold your good reputation.
  4. Lastly, a criminal defense lawyer will want to know all about your case, and then he or she will be able to go over the particulars with you. Knowing everything about the case clearly will help you understand the risks, like going to trial in some cases, and how long all of the procedures could take before occurring.

There are some important points that your lawyer will likely talk about, like making sure you don’t commit any additional crimes while your license is, or may be, suspended. If you already have a suspended license and are looking for an attorney to help you get the suspension dropped, make sure you do not drive. Driving and getting caught can result in your license being revoked, jail time, and additional charges depending on the circumstances.

There are many other minor ways that an attorney can help you. For instance, he or she would know the laws regarding a hearing. A hearing normally has strict rules, and if an officer doesn’t show up or can’t justify his or her actions, you may win your case. Blood tests can be tested again per request, which may show any faults made. Requesting the reason for arrest and finding out what triggered the arrest can help your lawyer prove whether the officer had a just cause to pull your car over and to ticket you.

Even simple things like the times at which tests were given are important and can mean the difference between a lost license and driving home the same day after court. With a criminal defense attorney, you’ll have access to information that will help you stay clear of extra fines and penalties.

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