Do Dui Cases Rise During Holiday Season

Drunk driving is a serious issue, and it tends to increase during certain times of the year. Some people have speculated and wondered if DUI cases rise during the Holiday season. The answer is absolutely, yes.

Unfortunately, incidents of drunk driving definitely do surge upward during the Holiday season. Starting with Thanksgiving and continuing through Christmas and until after the New Year, drunk driving is far more prevalent during this 5 to 6 week period than at any other time of the year.

Why is this so? For one thing, many people associate a festive atmosphere with eating, drinking and being merry. All too often, many do all three of these things to excess. While eating too much and being excessively merry are essentially victimless crimes, overindulging in alcoholic drinks and then proceeding to operate a motor vehicle can have disastrous results.

Another reason that some people drink more during the Holidays is stress. The Holidays can bring on financial pressures as well as family-related and emotional stresses. During the Holidays, people sometimes feel obligated to spend money that they do not have, as well as socialize with family members that they do not get along with. Financial and family pressures can be a recipe for disaster for someone who is already prone to overindulging in alcohol.

Because of this, state and local patrols tend to be more prevalent at this time of year. They are ready to catch those who are driving while intoxicated and jeopardizing the health and safety of fellow motorists on the road this Holiday season. Increased patrols are another reason that DUI cases rise during the Holiday season.

So don’t be another statistic this Holiday season. If you’re feeling stressed, by all means don’t use alcohol to escape your problems. Seek support from caring friends or family members. In severe cases, it might be wise to seek guidance from a qualified counselor or therapist.

The Holidays are a time for fun, being merry and enjoying Holiday cheer. However this does not mean you have a license to overindulge in alcohol and contribute to making DUI cases rise. Exericise moderation this Holiday season and all year round. It’s OK to enjoy an adult beverage or two after work or at a Holiday party, but be sure to designate a responsible, sober driver if you’re having more than one or two cocktails. If you need help with a DUI / DWI Visit Today

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