Driving Under the Influence General Information

Most of us know that driving is a serious responsibility and that dangerous things can happen on the road. That’s why it is so important to take careful precaution before you get behind the wheel, including making sure that you are not driving under the influence. When this does happen and the worst does occur, it is best to know how to approach the situation from the best angle possible with the help of a DUI attorney.

Driving under the influence (DUI), sometimes also called driving while intoxicated (DWI) or drunk driving, isn’t necessarily limited to driving with too much alcohol in your system. Though that is usually the main substance being abused in driving situations, any intoxicant that impairs driving abilities can result in a DUI classification and the attendant consequences. Because intoxication lowers reaction time and increases the probability of a serious accident, the law takes DUI offense very serious.

When a police officer pulls someone over and then discovers that they are not sober, they will arrest them rather than letting them get back in the car. Officers will generally administer a test to determine whether the allowed blood-alcohol limit (.08 percent) has been exceeded, which can take the form of a blood or breath exam. If a DUI is issued, then at the very least this means finding a ride home from the police station when everything is over and retrieving the car from impound. But most of the time it also means a hearing.

That can mean license confiscation or suspension, and suspension of driving privileges for a period of months. Multiple UI offenses have progressively more serious repercussions. This is when it’s very important to have a good attorney helping you through the process. Even if the citation was just, that doesn’t always mean that it is easy to navigate the court systems without being taken advantage of. Your attorney can help you comprehend the complicated laws and find the best compromise for your individual situation.

Sometimes you make mistakes, and once you do, it is understandable that you would want to deal with the consequences rationally while making sure that they are not made unnecessarily worse by a lack of information. Your DUI attorney can help there too; if you’ve been caught for driving under the influence, start getting more information today.

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