Why Hire a DUI Attorney

A DUI arrest is a serious matter and hiring a DUI attorney is important. Although some people may ask why hire a DUI attorney, the answer is simple – to avoid costly consequences. Even though this may be your first DUI arrest, going to court on your own could cost you a lot of money in fines, having to attend costly alcohol treatment programs, loss of your driving privileges, and even jail time. If this scares you even a little, let an experienced DUI attorney represent you in court.

When wondering why hire a DUI attorney, think about the money you may have to pay in court costs, fines, and alcohol treatment programs. Even the first offense holds a large fine and if you have been arrested more than once the expense is even higher. You may also be directed to attend an alcohol or drug treatment program which again can cost you hundreds of dollars. Although your attorney will probably not be able to get you out of all your fines and expenses, he may be able to ask the judge for leniency or even allow some type of community service in lieu of paying fines. If you have a family to support, you cannot risk losing hundreds or thousands of dollars to fines after a DUI arrest.

Another reason to hire a DUI attorney is to keep your driving privileges. If you drive for a living or if you need to be able to drive to work or school, losing your drivers license can cause a huge problem. When working with a DUI attorney, she may be able to help you get a restricted license or reduce the amount of time the court will revoke your license. A knowledgeable attorney will understand the rules of the court and the judges in the case and help you through the process with the minimum consequences.

Finally, many states now require a minimum amount of jail time for even the first DUI arrest. No one wants to spend time in jail and you do not want this to become part of your permanent record. A DUI attorney will help create a case that defends your rights and will minimize or eliminate the amount of jail time ordered by the judge.

The next time you are asked why hire a DUI attorney, remind the person of all of the negative consequences involved with a DUI arrest. Since most people do not have any idea of the DUI laws for their state, it is best to work with someone who handles these types of cases on a regular basis. The expense of hiring a DUI attorney will be worth it if you do not end up paying huge fines, losing your license, and paying for expensive drug and alcohol treatments. Although no one expects to be arrested for DUI, one poor choice has the potential to change your life forever. Before going to court, contact a DUI attorney who will be by your side throughout the ordeal.

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