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Those who have injured someone in the course of their DUI will find that in most states their DUI has become a felony. This is extremely serious and very likely to lead to prison time or civil damages. Anyone who injured someone, or even killed someone, in the course of their DUI will need to hire an attorney specializing in these cases. The attorney may be able to help them plead down to lesser charges in exchange for a more lenient sentence. The attorney may also be able to suppress information to help their client.

Legal immigrants may also want to consult a drunk driving lawyer regarding their defense. This is because immigrants who have committed crimes have a risk of getting deported. Immigrants will want to make sure that they have the most solid defense possible and that they are prepared for the eventuality that immigration appears and attempts to deport them.

Those who are caught driving drunk with a child under the age of 12 should be aware that in many states this is considered felony endangerment of a child. Again, when a DUI becomes a felony it becomes absolutely critical to involve a specialized attorney for defense. Felony DUIs are extremely serious charges that carry with them very strict fines and penalties.

Those who are facing a third or more DUI sentence will also want to retain a lawyer because most states consider a third DUI a felony as well. A DUI charge itself does not count as a DUI unless the person was actually convicted of the crime, so DUI charges that were dismissed (even if they had led to a license suspension) will not count against the person when considering whether their new DUI is a felony.

Many of those facing a DUI will be benefited by hiring an attorney specialized in these cases. Those that are concerned about the expenses need to consider the fact that the fines and penalties associated with a DUI conviction are usually far harsher than what will be spent on a private attorney. Public defenders will also work very hard to construct a defense for their clients, but many of them will not have the time, energy or resources to construct a truly coherent and valuable defense. A private attorney is far more likely to be able to successfully defend someone with a DUI against their charges and may be able to get the charges dismissed entirely.

When is the Best Time to Choose a DUI Lawyer

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