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Hiring a lawyer is not cheap, so you need to understand how your DUI attorney will bill you. There are two different types of billing methods; one is a flat fee and one is an hourly rate. You will need to understand how these fees work and what they cover since they won’t cover everything. Also, have an understanding of what kinds of payments they accept and if there is a schedule of payments that can extend past the duration of your case.

Questions about Your Case

An attorney likely won’t be able to tell you everything about your case, especially if you haven’t hired them yet, but asking a few questions will give you an idea of where they stand on your charges. With a DUI charge you may be facing the loss of your license and you will want to know what your lawyer can do in order to regain your driving privileges as fast as possible. You can ask if it’s possible to get a plea deal or what will happen about any motions such as those pre-trial.

When meeting with a DUI attorney make sure you have the details of your case, such as a police report or bail information, so you can be ready for any questions the lawyers have for you regarding your case.

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